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Things People Forget When Packing for a Vacation

You know how it is, you are so excited for your upcoming vacation. You promised yourself you would be more organized this time but here you are again: it’s the night before you leave and, once again, you are rushing around like a crazy person, throwing things in your luggage and hoping you don’t forget anything.

Unfortunately, your mind is on everything but packing: who is going to take care of the dog, the house, the garden? Where are the passports? Did I stop the mail? Who is taking us to the airport?


As always, our desire is to make your vacation absolutely fabulous and part of making your vacation fabulous is reducing your stress before you go.

Therefore, even if you find yourself packing at the last minute- pull out this list to make sure you don’t forget these small, but very important items:

1. Extra doses of whatever prescription medicines you take. If your doctor will give you twice what your trip requires, that’s even better. (We had a client with diabetes who got sick overseas and had to stay at the hotel for a few extra days. Unfortunately, she only packed 1 additional day of the medicine she required. Hubby was left running around London trying to get her prescription filled. Not fun.)

2. Sunscreen

3. Mosquito repellent (yes- even to Alaska)

4. Calamine or other bug bite cream

5. Spare pair of glasses (sun and reading)

6. Motion sickness medicine or a scopolamine patch (if you are going on an ocean cruise). My John loves those patches- highly effective and no side effects.

7. Good walking shoes. (I love the Dansko brand- they make stylish boots and shoes that are so comfy and wear like iron! I've worn mine while walking on the cobble-stone streets in small villages in the Loure Valley, France and in the desert in Jordan.)

8. OTC medicines. Yes, you can buy them on vacation but who wants to spend valuable vacation time searching for a drug store?

9. Razors

10. Stain wipes or Tide stick

11. Travel magnifying mirror. (Seriously, if you use a magnifying mirror at home- you are going to want one on your trip, trust me!)

12. Dry Pack case for your phone or camera - for rainy days or when traveling on boats.

13. Zip lock gallon size bags or plastic bags. (dozens of uses including holding wet swimsuits or muddy shoes)

14. Hand sanitizer. You know why.

We also have lists for Packing for a Cruise, Getting Ready to Take a Cruise, and Packing for a trip to Alaska.

Contact us and we are delighted to share our lists with you.


And always remember our motto: Packing Light is packing right!



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